It’s BBQ Season! Do You Have the Right Patio Furniture in Place?


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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your patio ready for outdoor entertaining. If you need new patio furniture, here are some tips to help you make the right choices.

Select the Right Style

Choose a style that complements the style of your home. For traditional or transitional homes, consider wrought iron or wicker. For transitional or contemporary homes, furniture in teak or aluminum frames blend better. Add cushions and pillows in colors that complement your exterior.

Select the Right Pieces

Dining – choose a table size and shape that will comfortably seat your guests. Chairs should have adequate seat width and depth. If chairs have armrests, make sure you can pull them close enough to the table to eat comfortably.

Sofas and Tables – choose pieces that fit your patio and create comfortable conversation groupings. Provide ample surface space to hold food and drinks. Storage pieces can function as extra seating.

Select Easy Maintenance

Choose materials with easy maintenance. Wrought iron, resin wicker, teak and cedar weather well over time. Look for an easy care finish.

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How About a Spunky Trunk from Paul Michael Home?


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You would be amazed at what you can do with a recycled trunk!  A vintage trunk from can make the perfect coffee table or end table for your living room.  Old steamer trunks add personality and storage to any room and complement any decor.

The flat or rounded lids on many trunks were often decorated with leather or wood-burned designs, and feature brass hinges, studs and latches.  They were the designer luggage of an earlier era, and now they can add a designer touch to your home.

A vintage design steamer trunk can be used to store linens and blankets at the foot of your bed.  A trunk standing on end is the perfect night stand, especially if you add a small tension rod or some shelves on the inside to create extra storage.  A trunk with a rounded lid can look like a pirate’s treasure chest, making it a great toy box for a playroom.

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Chevron Accents Can Make Home Decor Pop

You are probably already using stripes in home décor nowadays, as many homeowners already do. But do you really want to? Do you really find them appealing? What about adding a pattern that is different and unique? Chevron accents are a huge trend in the design industry and rightly so. Chevron patterns offer the clean, simplistic look of stripes, but in a more dramatic fashion.

home decorating

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Though not new, chevron patterns still offer the element of surprise. Many people have not thought to decorate with the pattern yet. Especially when used as accents and details, chevron patterns offer a contemporary, stylish look for a home.

home decorating items

We carry plenty of amazing vases for your home decorating needs.

home decor

You can find these lovely pillows in our store.

What sort of patterns are you typically drawn to? If chevron hasn’t been on the top of your list yet, we encourage you to head to one of our Paul Michael locations, and check our lovely selection of chevron accessories and accents.


White Home Design Paves the Way for Colorful Accessories

bold pillow

Bold, colorful pillows pop against a white background

White serves as a great foundation color for home design in almost any setting to create a sophisticated and practical look. You can then use any variety of colorful accessories to brighten up the room. Consider some of the following ideas to incorporate white into your home.

  • The kitchen. Painted white walls and cabinetry provide a neutral palette on which colorful accents stand out. Ideas include a simple piece of wooden furniture, a rug and brightly colored, seasonal food.
  • White and dark gray. The two contrasting tones create a sense of elegance that works perfectly for the bedroom. Fashion this look with bedding, black and white photographs, and stylish, modern lamps.
  • Interesting accessories. Develop a colorful room with accessories that cohere with the furnishings, and create a cheerful appearance.
  • White on white. Make an impressive statement by hanging white artwork on white walls.
  • Dark furniture. A white room creates an ideal backdrop to show off dark furnishings. Add just a dash of color to the room, with a simple bouquet of single-toned flowers.

You can find colorful accessories to complement your decor at your nearest Paul Michael Company location.


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Unique Garden Decor Made With Repurposed Household Goods

garden decorating

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Are you looking for unique decorating ideas for your garden? You may not have to look any farther than your own household. Instead of sending your old “junk” to the landfill give them new life in your garden. These reclaimed items can be conversation starters and give your garden a whole new look.

What kinds of items can be re-purposed from your home to you garden. Well, let your mind take flight but following are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Bottles (especially dark blue) for a bottle tree
  • Claw-foot bath tubs
  • Boots and shoes
  • Pallets
  • Glass and glassware
  • Ladders
  • Old tins
  • Coffee cans
  • Boards and other types of lumber
  • Beds, such as futons and even cribs
  • Tables
  • Anything your heart and head can think up

Reusing old household items is a grand way to salvage them. You keep the objects out of landfills and give them new life in your garden. Your garden will get a new look and be filled with objects that were once part of your home.

For more information on unique decorating ideas check out The Paul Michael Company. These experts have “genuine treasures at unguessable prices”!

Spring Into the New Season with Unique Home Accents

spring flowers

Invite spring in with a burst of color in your home

Spring, although not officially here yet, offers great home decorating ideas since it gives life to animals, plants and to us! When the temperatures begin to rise again, animals come out of hibernation, seeds sprout into plants and flowers bloom like never before. People can finally enjoy the wonderful nature while outdoors.

home accents

Stuffed bunnies via Paul Michael Co

Your home too should be as lively. Forget the warm and dull colors of yester-season, and say hello to bright varieties that give your rooms a rebirth. Transform your rooms and outdoor spaces with these home decorating ideas!

pastel decor

Pastel decor via Paul Michael Co

  • Fresh flowers in the indoors always give a bright atmosphere. Do not limit yourself with the color choice as long as they smell good.  Put them in clear glass vases to add a little sophistication. Outdoors, you can have flowers growing in beautiful pots.
  • Different species of plants also help in bringing life to an area. Have them growing in pots that blend with the colors of your walls.
  • If live plants are too much for you to maintain, simply use silk flowers.
  • Use stuffed animals in your rooms, which will “feed” on plants for a fun and unexpected theme. For example a stuffed bunny could be conveniently place right next to your growing carrots!
earth-toned accents

Earth-toned home accents via Paul Michael Co

In order to such ideas to come to life, you must see how they come together. Visit one of our Paul Michael Co. locations to get started on your spring home decor!



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Find Boho Chic Decorations at Paul Michael Company

re-purposed wood

This driftwood horse statement piece screams Boho chic

If you want to give your home a fresh look, pick a few key vintage pieces and let your imagination run wild with old school home decorating. Structure gives way to creativity with Boho chic, which brings recycled chairs, tables, vases, colorful fabrics and accent pieces from the past to life.

Old becomes new with vintage elements placed strategically around your home. You might mix and match vinyl chairs with a refinished cherry wood table for the kitchen. Another idea is to sew patterned sheets or even 60’s shirts into pillowcases to finish your bedroom throw pillows. Go for an eclectic look when you’re considering home decorating ideas. Your guests will be impressed with your sense of style – a nod to the past is always appreciated.

Don’t forget to think of each room as a separate canvas to decorate, but also look at your house as a whole. You don’t need everything to coordinate, but try to keep the overall look modern and edgy.

Are you looking for a few home decorating ideas made easy? Check out The Paul Michael Company’s Facebook page, or stop by any of our stores to get inspired by rooms we’ve created. Remember, a little flair goes a long way in finishing a room in your home!

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