Eclectic Style: Tips for Decorating Your Home

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Eclectic decor always features a conversation piece

Having a love for “eclectic” styles sometimes has a negative connotation. But when it comes to home decorating, eclectic can work wonders – if you know how to work it the right way.

An eclectic design style is great because it merges various elements together very well. Lots of items can easily make a room appear junk-filled. But when done strategically, your home will be one-of-a-kind — an eclectic masterpiece. Here are a few home decorating ideas you can try out to have an eclectic mix of items without a messy look.

  • Home decorating ideas start with bold color. Tie your items together by finding a palette that works. If your items all tend to be green, blue, or yellow, try using these colors throughout the room to tie it together.
  • If you prefer a dark color palette, use a bold rug in a matching tone to connect with items from around the room.
  • Be sure the eye can rest. If your home is so busy that you can’t decide what to look at first, it could be a design problem. Make sure that you add a bold wall of color, or a large area rug that will be a resting point for the eye. This will help make the room look cohesive without being overwhelming.

The point is to not over do it. Extravagant and eclectic pieces are always a good idea, but too many of them will defeat the purpose.

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P. Allen Smith Picks Out Lighting at Paul Michael Company

As you may already know, garden expert and icon P. Allen Smith is currently attempting to plan, build and design an eco-friendly designer home in only 150 days with only $150,000 for the Home Garden eHow Challenge. And in order to furnish the home with beautiful yet affordable and eco-friendly decor, Allen has been coming to Paul Michael Company.

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Just recently, Allen came to the Paul Michael Company store in Lake Village, Arkansas to take a look at some gorgeous recycled bottle lamps. These oversized light fixtures made from repurposed wine vessels can add wonderful height to interiors and are available in any color glass. Watch this video to see and learn about the lamps and also hear what Allen thinks about them.

You can track Allen’s progress throughout the building and designing process of the Home Garden Challenge and see whether he chooses to use the lamps and where by tuning into the eHow Home Channel on YouTube.



P. Allen Smith’s Home Garden eHow Challenge

Award-winning designer and gardener, P. Allen Smith is taking on a Garden Home Challenge that some might say is nearly impossible. Allen is attempting to build a 1,600 square foot eco-friendly home in only 150 days! But wait, that’s not all. He is attempting to do this with only $150,000!

You can follow Allen through this sustainable home building adventure by tuning in to Allen’s eHow Home Channel on YouTube. See how he is saving energy and saving dollars during each step of the process, which has already been filled with numerous successes, failures and re-dos.

All of us here at Paul Michael Company are following Allen’s challenge not only because we are fascinated by his ambition and hoping to learn a few things ourselves, but because Allen is relying on Paul Michael Company to meet his decorating needs while staying within his budget!  We can’t wait to see what the final product will look like with all of the lamps, tables, chairs and other furniture pieces from Paul Michael Company!

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p. allen smith home garden challenge

Back to School Spirit

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Sometimes the transition from summer to school can be tough. But Paul Michael Company can help you get excited about the new school year with decor and craft items that will keep you in the school spirit through to next summer. Here are some ways to keep school functions fun and spirited throughout the year.

  • DIY decorative wreaths streaming with school colors
  • Decor for academic banquets and sports games and celebrations
  • Holiday decor for school classrooms
  • Decor for birthday parties with school friends
No matter what occasion springs up this school year, Paul Michael Company will have the materials to make it fun! Be sure to stop by one of our store locations in Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana to see our fresh inventory just in time for a fresh start to the school year.
What other events and activities can you fill with school spirit? We’d love to hear! Tell us in a comment!

Seagrass Baskets, a Must-Have Home Accessory

In a home magazine, every detail is perfect. In a real home, this is not always the case. But interiors can look both “lived in” and magazine-worthy by ensuring that everything has its own place. One accessory that can help you achieve a clean, crisp facade in your home interiors is the seagrass basket.

Suzanne and Lauren from the Good Bones, Great Pieces blog say that this is not only a beautiful and beneficial accessory, but a “must-have.”

“No matter how high or low-brow, this nature-made container always finds its place in the best of the best interiors.”

This simple yet charming accessory can have a great impact on interiors. Seagrass baskets can hold anything, from toys and magazines to firewood and even plant containers. Found in a variety of sizes and sizes, they can be incorporated into any space and any style. Finally, they add wonderful textures and warm tones to interiors.


interior design tips

interior design tips


Let Paul Michael Company help you recreate one of these gorgeous interiors with our extensive selection of woven baskets. Visit one of our store locations in Arkansas, Louisiana or Texas, and we’ll even help you pick out the perfect basket for your home.

Photos via Good Bones, Great Pieces

Hand-Carved Stone Pieces from Egypt at Paul Michael Company

Where in the world was Paul about 5 years ago? Egypt! While traveling through Egypt to find unique treasures for our stores, Paul met an Egyptian sculpture artist and commissioned him to hand carve over 500 decorative stone pieces for the Paul Michael Company stores.After five years of vigilant craftsmanship, the hand carved pieces are finally finished and are headed to the shelves of all four Paul Michael Company store locations. Come see these incredible pieces that were hand crafted with such precision and care over six thousand miles away. These pieces can help you achieve an artisan look that is sure to add a rare and exotic vibe to your home.

Paul Michael Company has two locations in Arkansas as well as locations in Texas and Louisiana. And on Friday, August 3rd, we will be opening a brand new addition to our Lafayette location in Louisiana, so please come by and see our new artisan pieces from Egypt as well as our new expanded store space!
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5 Creative Ways to Decorate with Wire Baskets

Repurposing items into home decor is a wonderful way to recycle while adding a unique personal touch to interiors. If you have been inspired by the popular industrial rustic look, here are some fantastic ways to repurpose antique wire baskets from Paul Michael Company into unique, shabby-chic decor.

Hang a wire basket over a dining table and fill it with candles to create a beautiful DIY chandelier.

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Make it a mobile centerpiece for a coffee table; fill it with a couple of books and flowers.

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Use wire baskets in the kitchen for accessible storage that will keep the space feeling specious and open.

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Keep a wire basket in a bathroom to store towels or extra rolls of TP for guests.

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Brooke recently picked up this wire basket from one of the Paul Michael Company stores, and one of our staff members suggested she use it as a wall hanging and attach pictures to it with mini close pins. Thanks for sharing this on our Facebook page, Brooke; it looks great!

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Photos 1-4 via Houzz