Father’s Day Gifts for Dad’s Favorite Hobbies at Paul Michael Co.!

Father’s Day is on the horizon. Have you put any thought into what you’ll get for the special dad in your life? While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional greeting card and a new tie to add to his collection, we at Paul Michael Co. encourage you to think outside the box this year. What are dad’s hobbies? If he’s into sports, fishing, hunting or even manning the grill this summer, then you’ll definitely find something unique for him at one of our stores. Take a look at just some of what we have for dad:

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We have a number of locations for you to shop for Father’s Day and just about every other occasion!

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Decorating Your Walls with Hanging Area Rugs

geometric rugs

Stunning rugs available at Paul Michael Company

Your home is your space to do with what you want. Who says area rugs have to go on the floor? Make a statement by hanging one on the wall!

Indeed, rugs are versatile – probably more so than you originally thought. If you can’t quite wrap your head around the idea of placing a rug anywhere but underneath your feet, these ideas might help to change your mind.

  • If you have an old, much loved rug that is too worn out to put on the floor – you can use it on the wall. This will keep it from looking old due to foot traffic.
  • You can play around with different sizes of rugs – you may have a small one, triangular one or even a square one, and you can hang it on an appropriate wall.
  • A hanging rug can be used as a focal point or serve as a demarcating area between two living areas.
  • In case you want to use more than one rug in a room, make sure that they complement each other.
  • Just keep some unique decorating ideas in mind – use either plain or subdued colors if your room already has a busy décor or vice versa.

A wall hanging rug adds texture and warmth to your house. Looking for rugs to decorate your walls? Check out on of our stores today!

image via Paul Michael Company

Decorating Ideas for Your Coffee Table

print pillow

Pull from the colors of your pillows to decided how to accent your coffee table

Decorating your home is not always easy. You glance around your living room and notice how you like the way everything looks, except the coffee table. You realize that’s the missing link. Check out these home decorating ideas to get you inspired to breath life onto your coffee table.

  • Add a collection of items you treasure onto the coffee table. For example, display your children’s artwork or prints from your last vacation.
  • Place a throw rug over the coffee table to add texture to an otherwise plain surface. The trick to making this look work is to choose exotic and unique pieces, such as a rug from Turkey or one that has African designs on it.
  • Go for a natural design on the coffee table using sand, rocks and candles. Fill a glass bowl with tiny rocks, and place a decorative candle inside. Light it, and watch how the flickering light makes everything in the room glow.

Contact Paul Michael Co. to find out more information about how we can help enhance the beauty of your home. We have stores in multiple locations throughout Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.


image via Paul Michael Co

Using Emerald In Home Decor

popular emerald color

Image via MSN

It’s time to trade out those tangerine tango pillow covers for emerald because Pantone named its 2013 color of the year. Emerald is a particularly bright and energetic tone of green, and its connection to the gorgeous gemstone adds a luxurious element to its hue.  It’s a warm, versatile color that can transform a classically conservative design to a fresh and modern look. Here are some suggestions for using emerald in your home décor.

Make a splash

An accent wall is one of the easiest ways to incorporate emerald in home décor. All you need is a can of emerald paint and a roller. Remember that for living room and bedroom walls, matte paint eliminates glare. For bathrooms, high gloss paint is easier to clean and is moisture-resistant.

Cover up

Use emerald-accented pillow covers and throws on your sofa and armchairs. These items come in all price points.


Pull your look together by decorating your rooms with emerald-accented wall art, vases and – the  most ubiquitous emerald item of them all — houseplants. Plants that come in this hue include pothos (devil’s ivy), English ivy, ferms and aglaonema (emerald beauties).

At Paul Michael Company, we’d love to help you find or create unique emerald accents for your home decor.  Stop by one of our store locations or check us out on Facebook for more information!

Decorative Winter Wreaths

Although there is a connection between the winter holidays and decorative wreaths, a wreath can be successfully implemented into tasteful decoration during any season. Experimenting with alternative materials, various color schemes, and cute themes, you can craft something impressive with minimal time and effort.

Stay winter ready with a beautiful holiday wreath

Image via Pinterest

A comfortable, traditional, feeling can be inspired by a well-constructed wreath in dark browns and neutral tones. Consider using a retired wheel as the base for your project and supplementing it with natural items such as sticks, leaves, and berries.

Bright flowers, colorful herbs, and man-made decorative accessories can combine for an uplifting and fun summer wreath. Try to stick to a monochromatic theme and match existing atmosphere or even use small, fresh, fruits for a novel appeal, though this may cause for a short-lived wreath.

You can also make wreathes for other holidays.  For example, folding together green, purple, and yellow ribbon into a bushy wreath sets a lovely Mardi Gras tone. It can be accentuated with bright baubles, bells, beads, and balls to add a festive touch and adorning the wreath with appropriate masks will pull the message together.

For unique materials and inspiration for your next wreath project, be sure to stop by Paul Michael Company.  We have stores in Lake Village, AR; Canton, TX; Monroe, LA; and Lafayette, LA.  Be sure to visit us on Facebook!

Mardi Gras Is Feb. 12: Is Your House Ready?

Mardi Gras is just around the corner, and that means you can start colorful home decorating! Whether you’re throwing a wild party or just hosting a small get-together, decorations are a must for any Mardi Gras activities. Try these ideas for making your home festive this February.

decor for mardi gras party

Image via Pinterest

  • An LED flag on your porch is a great way to invite people inside, or let people know where the party is.
  • Colorful beads, lights, and a vase come together to make great centerpieces. Layer the coins and traditional beads however you’d like!
  • Recycle old beads and make unique coasters with felt and craft glue. Choose bead strands with unique medallions on them to make each one unique.
  • Go all out with your place settings at a dinner party by using masks, more beads, and festive napkins. If you know your guests well, personalize a place setting by using a mask that suits them well.
  • Of course, no Mardi Gras is complete without King Cake. Follow this easy recipe, put a trinket inside the cake, and see which guest finds it!

Doing your Mardi Gras decorating for an amazing party doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Get creative, get crafty, and find more supplies and ideas at Paul Michael Company.  We love Mardi Gras and we’ve already started collecting great decorations in our stores.  Share your own decorating ideas on our Facebook page!

Decorating with Vases to Make a Statement Tablescape

Attractive home decor is a matter of blending shapes, color, and texture. Decorating with vases, and their infinite geometry, colors, and materials makes a stunning table display. Try these ideas to display your unique vases in lovely arrangements in your home.

Try adding a vase to your home decor.

Image via Pinterest

  • Pick a large-based, wide-mouthed tall vase. Place a single candle in a holiday color. Or, fill the vase with sea shells, small crystals, river stones, or preserved fruit. Use the contents to support seasonal flowers or a flat candle on top
  • Choose a medium width, tall, and clear vase. Put gravel in bottom and a live fish or water plant in the clear water above. Place small stones in the bottom to support dried flowers with long stems. Stuff it with varicolored sheets of tissue paper. Or, plant a blooming tulip or other bulb flower in a small base of soil.
  • Now, you can simply multiply the vases described above into a cluster of varying widths and heights. However, you might consider spray painting the bottles in individual colors, wrapping them in ribbon or hemp, or covering them with decoupage or lace. Using candles in such displays accents the color and textures used.

Of course, to decorate with vases, you first need to find interesting pieces to display. Paul Michael Company has a variety of antiques and unusual housewares for your home.  Just stop by one of our stores and check us out on Facebook for more information.