Outdoor Seating: Vintage Spring Rockers and More

Sitting on our vintage spring rockers under a fan while sipping a cool beverage and watching the sun set on the lake will be our MO after work for the next few months. Paul is obsessed with the rockers—we own a number of them and also sell them in the stores.

These are on our back porch and are Paul’s personal favorites.

We have a total of eight of these and love them all. Our house overlooks a lake, and this is our special cocktail hour place to sit and watch the sun set.

We also enjoy mixing it up with old wicker pieces.

We hope you love spending time in your outdoor space as much as we do!

—Debbie Michael


From Skis to Chairs: See Paul’s New Creation!

Things are reaching new creative heights in Paul’s World. His latest creation is an adirondack chair made of—drum roll, please—vintage snow skis from around the world!

These chairs are so cool, and being repurposed from something old into something functional and new, they’re green as well. The skis come from different vintages and countries, making the chairs as unique as can be.

They’re perfect for spending a relaxing day or evening out on the patio, sipping sweet tea or enjoying the latest bestseller.

The unlikely switch from cold-weather accoutrement to warm-weather furniture makes them even more unexpected and the perfect conversation starter.

What do you think about this ski to chair transformation? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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