Fun Spring Centerpiece Ideas

flower bouquet

image via flickr

The table centerpiece is a great way to add a personal and creative touch to your table layout and interior design as a whole. The following are a few unique centerpiece ideas that are perfect for the spring season.

  • Flower Bouquet: A flower bouquet is the standard go-to centerpiece, but instead of carefully arranging the flowers, group them together by type in order to create a more natural look. Use the blossoms from your flowering shrubs along with your own garden’s flowers instead of going to a florist.
  • Poppy Bouquet: To introduce a bold dash of color with your centerpiece, use a tall vase full of poppy flowers. There’s a price for their extravagant color though; they’ll only last a few days.
  • Tea Cup Vase: Tea cups tend to be charming in themselves, so why not use them as a centerpiece? Place a small flower arrangement in a teacup and sit it on it’s saucer.
  • Bottled Fern Fronds: This one is beautiful in its simplicity. Simply take a wine, olive oil or vinegar bottle, remove the labels and place fern fronds inside.

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Inspired by Pinterest: Cool Ideas for Recycled Glass Jars

glass jar

image via Paul Michael Co

One of the most common containers found in stores and homes alike are often overlooked for their storage capabilities. Take a look in your cupboards and discover how many items you have that are in jars. Each one of these containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can stylishly be reused.

glass jars

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A simple glass jar can become fashionable and functional. You can easily label them with a simple slip of paper, but why stop there? Consider placing a design on the outside of it with a stencil or other craft items. Use a clear or colored glass container to display fun items inside.

glass jars

image via Pinterest

glass jar

image via Paul Michael Co

There are many stencils on the market and glass paint is available at your local craft store. You can also consider chalkboard paint so you can relabel your jars again as much as you like. Remember, how you arrange them is half the fun so put them somewhere equally as creative to showoff your masterpiece.

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Decor That Goes from the Wedding Sanctuary to Your Personal Sanctuary

Many people dream of a spring wedding, and it’s the most common time of year that couples choose to get married for plenty of good reasons, the biggest of which is that the weather is always great, allowing for outdoor ceremonies and receptions that wouldn’t have been comfortable for guests even a month before.

Using decor at your reception that you can later use in your home is a great and functional way to go about choosing your decor. It’ll save you money in the long run as well! Paul Michael Company did just that recently at a wedding very close to us –  Paul’s youngest daughter just got married! So of course, we incorporated lots of goodies from PMC that will fit in fantastically inside the newlyweds’ home now that the ceremony is over.

Decor at the wedding

Decor at the wedding.

Decor at the wedding.

Decor at the wedding.


Decor at the wedding.

Decor at the wedding.

Just to give you some ideas, here are some of the items we used in the wedding that can also be brought home and put to good use. Don’t forget that you can register for all these items and more at your local Paul Michael Company store!


Cutting board via Paul Michael Co.


Sofa via Paul Michael Co.


Chair via Paul Michael Co.


Glass vase via Paul Michael Co.


Decorative glass cake stand via Paul Michael Co.


Decorative platter via Paul Michael Co.

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Chevron Accents Can Make Home Decor Pop

You are probably already using stripes in home décor nowadays, as many homeowners already do. But do you really want to? Do you really find them appealing? What about adding a pattern that is different and unique? Chevron accents are a huge trend in the design industry and rightly so. Chevron patterns offer the clean, simplistic look of stripes, but in a more dramatic fashion.

home decorating

Image via Pinterest

Though not new, chevron patterns still offer the element of surprise. Many people have not thought to decorate with the pattern yet. Especially when used as accents and details, chevron patterns offer a contemporary, stylish look for a home.

home decorating items

We carry plenty of amazing vases for your home decorating needs.

home decor

You can find these lovely pillows in our store.

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Fun Recycling Projects to Decorate Your Home

You are always looking to do some redecorating in your home. These projects are always fun and give your home a new look. When thinking of home decorating ideas why not give your home a unique and beautiful look along with being eco-friendly at the same time. Keeping used items out of landfills is a great thing to do for our planet.

Paul Michael Company

Image: Digital Photos

Below are a few ideas on getting started with some recycled objects to decorate your home. Let your imagination and whimsy soar!

  • Mini cloches – Turn stemware upside down to enclose small items
  • Paint swatch organizers – Put two swatches back-to-back and stitch together the sides and bottom.
  • Wallpaper tree – Fashion a tree out of old wallpaper and affix to a wall
  • Mason jar lotion dispenser – Convert a Mason jar into a lotion dispenser for a vintage look
  • Fork and spoon door handles – Make door pulls from a fork and spoon from the same set

Home decorating ideas are only limited by your fancy and imagination. Use some common household objects for home decoration to give your home an individual look.

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Need a New Hobby? Think Antiques!

Collecting antiques can be more than just an interesting and timeless way to decorate your house; it can also be a fun hobby! You’ll have the thrill of discovery every time you find the perfect piece for your home, and collecting antiques has several benefits both to your home and to the environment.

Adirondack chairs

Image via Pinterest

Stories of the Past
Just the thoughts that will come when you look at that nineteenth century lantern on your fireplace mantle will have you appreciating your new hobby all the more. Who owned the lantern when it was first made? Who else thought this vase would be perfect for their home?  A good antique can connect you to people of similar tastes from the past.

Built to Last
Antiques are still around for a reason, and that is due to the fact that they were built to withstand the years of use.  Additionally, regardless of what trends come and go in design, your antiques will always be in style.

Environmentally Friendly
Buying antiques is better for the environment than purchasing newly manufactured items, especially those that aren’t built to last and may need to be thrown away in a few years.

The Paul Michael Company carries unique antique finds, and we would love to have you come in and visit at any of our locations. Come to our Facebook page too; we’d be happy to share with you many ideas on decorating with antiques.

Lovely Ideas for Decorating with Red

Image via Decor Pad

Image via Decor Pad

Decorating with red can be intimidating. If you’ve ever tried to find that perfect shade of red lipstick, or just the right paint color, you know just how hard it can be. With Valentine’s Day inching closer, we’re all well aware that the color red signifies love. But you can show your adoration for this vibrant hue year-round with a few creative home decorating ideas. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Wow them at the front door. Nothing is more inviting or intriguing than a red door. Choose a shade of red paint that’ll pop against your home’s exterior.
  2. Accessorize. Sometimes less is more – add a hint of red in unexpected places such as your coffee table, throw pillows or mantle.
  3. Show your artistic side. An injection of red through a painting or a piece of art can draw your eye to an otherwise invisible area of the room.
  4. Step on it. An area rug infused with red permeates warmth throughout the space without being overwhelming.
  5. Weave your way. A pillow or throw can add function and beauty to your space while complimenting other fabrics in the room.

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