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PMC Geodes

In April of this year, Paul Michael returned triumphant from an Arizona picking trip with a truckload of ancient geodes and fossils – and, not one of his employees were particularly surprised. Over the years, Paul acquired a number of curious objects: a three hundred year old, 32-ft boat from southern India, swans made from cypress stumps hand-carved in West Monroe, pencil-thin beeswax prayer candles made by and purchased from a Catholic priest in Sitka, Alaska. See, Paul Michael hasn’t grown his stores by doing the expected. He strives every day to do the exact opposite. “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it,” Paul quips.

Paul’s true passion lies in creating, and to create he needs cool stuff and a cool space. #1 – Check! To understand how this painter’s palate sizes up, imagine just one of his four warehouses in Southeast Arkansas filled to the brim with his collection of antiques, oddities, and architectural salvage.

PMC Architectural Salvage

PMC Antique Signs

#2 – Double Check! Not only has Paul been developing a creative working environment for his skilled furniture makers and craftsmen to work, but every employee, from the home office payroll clerks to the Monroe store managers, work towards proliferating the Paul Michael ideals, quality, and lifestyle. From his exclusive line of hand-made furniture & accessories made from locally harvested and architectural salvaged lumber to the well-known Creation Station, the Paul Michael Company, intrigues employees and the public alike.

PMC Gigantic Amethyst

You may be thinking, “Why does a Home Decor and Furniture store want geodes and fossils”. No, we are not expanding into a museum… We truly believe that nature makes the best art, and there is no better testament than fossils and geodes. We are selling them “raw” and letting you get creative with their use. Statue them on an entree way console for an instant conversation piece, or position them in your family room bookcase like a badge of flair. Whatever you decide, know that these objects from the caves of Hot Springs, Arkansas, the mountains of Morocco, and extreme southern Brazil are unique and genuine… Quality. The only thing Paul knows.

Be on the lookout for Paul’s incredible selection of crystals, geodes, petrified wood, and fantastic fossils- arriving at a store near you this fall!


The Comforts of Home

There’s nothing like the comforts of home, especially when you’re a guest. Whether it’s an afternoon visit or a week’s stay, it’s those small details that make a room cozy, calm and comfortable.

At Paul Michael, we know how to make guests feel at home. Here are a few amenities that can help you be an excellent host.

1. Plush accessories like pillows and ottomans encourage guests to stay a while and relax.

Pillows and a cushy ottoman invite relaxation.

Pillows and a cushy ottoman invite relaxation.

2. Art and plants add visual interest.

Bedside amenities.

Bedside amenities.

3. A lamp adds extra lighting next to the bed. For late night reading, put books and magazines on the nightstand.

Brighten up the room with a lamp.

Brighten up the room with a lamp.

4. A colorful rug gives bare feet something soft to step on.

Add color and texture with rugs.

Add color and texture with rugs.

5. In the bathroom, add glass jars so guests can see where cotton balls, soap and Q-tips are stored.

6. A large wooden mirror helps guests look their best.

7. Candles are always a nice touch that adds color and fragrance.

8. A wooden tray serves as a designated space for this and that.

9. Colorfully stitched hand towels are a lovely accent.

Bathroom accessories are essential.

Bathroom accessories are essential.

10. Fill a vase with something interesting, like butterflies or exotic flowers.

11. A bonus counter top accessory is a radio. This lets guests connect and charge their phone while playing familiar tunes.

Fill vases with something lovely!

Fill vases with something lovely!

As host, be sure to take inventory of your space so that you can accommodate your guests. Paul Michael has all the essentials you need to create a home away from home. From nightstand to counter top and everything in between, we have the details covered so you and your guests can enjoy the comforts of home.

Branching Out

Bringing the beauty of nature inside with flowers doesn’t have to be expensive or high maintenance. While real flowers can add fragrance, the short life span doesn’t live up to the investment. Faux flowers are the secret to year-round blooms that add a punch of color to liven up your space.

Faux flowers have come a long way from fake. Our team at Paul Michael Company has hand picked life-like blooms that can fool even an expert eye. The trick is in the styling. Wire stems invite you to bend and shape blooms into a picture-perfect design.

Make a simple statement with one single stem.

Combine sizes and bold colors to accent neutral spaces.


Mix and match different varieties that have a common palate. Texture from baskets goes a long way, too.

Branching out with faux flowers is easy to do when Paul Michael Company stocks a huge selection. Come by and branch out into faux flowers – the secret’s out.

Pots to Plant In

Dig in to Summer. An easy and inexpensive way to do this is by planting fresh blooms in planters – but not just any planters. Think beyond the plastic pot. Instead, go for a decorative container that enhances the plant’s natural beauty. This creates curb appeal and a welcoming statement.

Plant a patio garden of herbs. Keep it simple with succulents. Fill ‘em up with flowers. Or give the gift of a garden in a pot. The possibilities are endless, so dig in and go from this…


or this…


to something like this…

Get your green thumb in gear by shopping the selection of planters we have in store. From terra-cotta, to bold and bright, and everything in between, Paul Michael has containers that can make your patio the main attraction.

Beachy Treasures

beach room

Source: Houzz

Lasting memories of fun at a beach, whether it’s from childhood or a more recent holiday are often the inspiration for interior design. The fascination with the sea and shore makes for some wonderful accessories and designs in your residence.



You can find a number of beach themed accessories which you can use to complement your existing interior. If you don’t know where to start you can procure items to act as your focal point. Beyond this, you have a huge selection of products that will give you a wider inspiration in your decor.




If you are inclined to be concerned with conservation, then you will be pleasantly surprised to find the numerous items that have been reclaimed or recycled, as well as an inviting selection of antiques.



Paul Michael Home decor has a number of ideas and items for purchase.that you can implement into your interior. Visit one of our locations or have a peek at what’s new on our Facebook page as you develop your plans.


Take Home Decor to the Next Level with High Flying Birds!


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Some people like spring above all of the other seasons. We start seeing the sun a bit more, flowers start blooming, birds start chirping. It’s an exciting time of the year, so why not bring a little spring into your own home?




One of the best ways to do this is through spring colors and bird motifs.

Painting a few actual size bird mosaics, either in flight or perching on branches, your choice, will bring that lively vibrant spring energy into your home. Of course a similar effect can be achieved by using wall decals, but a painted mural is a unique way to match the color and excitement of spring.



You can also adorn your home with a variety of tree or bird sculptures or statuettes that can be used to give a room a nice vibe. Birds such as sparrows are very trendy at the moment.



For some expert design advice on how to decorate your apartment to be more spring-like, or just advice on where to put the birds, get in touch with us. Or just browse our Facebook page until the Paul Michael Home decor inspiration strikes you.

It’s BBQ Season! Do You Have the Right Patio Furniture in Place?


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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your patio ready for outdoor entertaining. If you need new patio furniture, here are some tips to help you make the right choices.

Select the Right Style

Choose a style that complements the style of your home. For traditional or transitional homes, consider wrought iron or wicker. For transitional or contemporary homes, furniture in teak or aluminum frames blend better. Add cushions and pillows in colors that complement your exterior.

Select the Right Pieces

Dining – choose a table size and shape that will comfortably seat your guests. Chairs should have adequate seat width and depth. If chairs have armrests, make sure you can pull them close enough to the table to eat comfortably.

Sofas and Tables – choose pieces that fit your patio and create comfortable conversation groupings. Provide ample surface space to hold food and drinks. Storage pieces can function as extra seating.

Select Easy Maintenance

Choose materials with easy maintenance. Wrought iron, resin wicker, teak and cedar weather well over time. Look for an easy care finish.

Looking for creative ideas? The Paul Michael Company can help you select the right furniture and decor for your patio.