Fun Spring Centerpiece Ideas

flower bouquet

image via flickr

The table centerpiece is a great way to add a personal and creative touch to your table layout and interior design as a whole. The following are a few unique centerpiece ideas that are perfect for the spring season.

  • Flower Bouquet: A flower bouquet is the standard go-to centerpiece, but instead of carefully arranging the flowers, group them together by type in order to create a more natural look. Use the blossoms from your flowering shrubs along with your own garden’s flowers instead of going to a florist.
  • Poppy Bouquet: To introduce a bold dash of color with your centerpiece, use a tall vase full of poppy flowers. There’s a price for their extravagant color though; they’ll only last a few days.
  • Tea Cup Vase: Tea cups tend to be charming in themselves, so why not use them as a centerpiece? Place a small flower arrangement in a teacup and sit it on it’s saucer.
  • Bottled Fern Fronds: This one is beautiful in its simplicity. Simply take a wine, olive oil or vinegar bottle, remove the labels and place fern fronds inside.

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