Paul Michael Company is Pet-Friendly!

From exercising to reading and mediation, there are many things we do for our mind and soul. Now, there’s one more you can do. Take your pet shopping with you at Paul Michael Company. Here at Paul Michael Company, we know that your pets are an important part of your family, so why leave them at home when you are shopping for items that will enhance your home? Or why forgo a visit to a Paul Michael Company store when you are traveling with your pet?

Research has shown that pets are not only good for our hearts, mind and soul, but they also reduce the risk of allergies, asthma and anxiety. Pets even provide wonderful opportunities for making love connections!

We recently came across an inspiring news feature on a retail shop in North Carolina that allows all employees to bring their pets to work even with the store’s collection of crystal and china! Like this retail store, we truly believe in the benefits of having pets in the workplace. What better way is there to keep the stress monsters away than with our favorite furry friend?

These are all reasons why all four Paul Michael Company stores are pet-friendly! Not to mention many of our customers are visiting one of our stores in their travels, and we wouldn’t want them to miss out on great items for their home!

So do something good for you, your pet and your home with a fun shopping adventure to the Paul Michael Company location near your hometown or in your travels.

Tennessee, the Lake Village, Arkansas store cat 

paul michael arkansas

paul michael company

Princess, the former Canton, Texas store cat (recently retired) and one of her customers

paul michael arkansas


One thought on “Paul Michael Company is Pet-Friendly!

  1. Aw, Princess was a sweet kitty. Where did she retire to? A good home I hope.
    Coming from “the big city” where they claim to be “pet friendly”, I was genuinely surprised when while visiting Canton, I had my dog with me and was told I could take him into the store with me. Not only did one of your employees accommodate me in finding something soft to line the basket with and offered water for my little fur baby as well. Casey has now visited Paul Michael with me several times now and it’s always so nice to know that he is just as welcome as I am. The staff is always so warm and friendly. I love this store and will come back and shop every chance I get.

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