Am I a Salesperson or Counselor?

A mother-daughter shopping couple was in need of some design advice for holiday wreaths and garlands. I was helping them, and eagerly we started picking out color schemes and all the stuff to put the decorations together. We began with the basics, and then went to our gorgeous ribbons.

They disagreed on which one went best with our designs. Things started to get heated between them—downright mean, even. I tried to find a ribbon they both liked, but the whole experience turned out to be way more than just the ribbon. All this anger and crazy talk started, and I just quietly disappeared into the store.

Still—oh my gosh!—they found me, and we tried to continue shopping. After two hours of helping them I felt like I needed to put out my “10₵ counselor is in” sign. No one was smiling, so I tried to help them with humor. When they were close to checking out, I asked them, “OK, I know who is going to pay for the Christmas decorations, but who is going to pay me for the counseling session?!” There was a giggle from them, and they replied, “We have already paid for that! Many, many times.”

“From now on, just come to Paul Michael’s for some retail therapy; it’s cheaper and seems to work!”

—Deborah Michael


2 thoughts on “Am I a Salesperson or Counselor?

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